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Further Education options are a wonderful part of Irelands’ educational landscape. PLC courses are one such option in the Further Education and Training Sector (FET). There are a huge variety of PLC courses which offer independent qualifications and can be very attractive to those who are not yet ready to commit to a four-year course.

These courses offer great progression links to higher education courses, apprenticeships and directly into employment. They provide opportunities for school leavers and learners of all ages to consolidate their learning in their area of specific interest. Most PLC courses are QQI accredited, or may be accredited by a internationally recognised UK body (e.g. City & Guilds, ITEC etc.)

What Will I Learn?

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Why PLC Courses?

Get an understanding of PLC courses
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PLC Progression Options?

What can I do after doing a PLC course

Support during your PLC Course?

What support is available for people doing a PLC Course

General Advice for those thinking of doing a PLC?

Final advice for everyone

PLC Progression Routes Explained?

Get to know how to search for PLC courses using careers portal


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