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The Department of Social Protection (DSP) have put together a video to highlight Community Employment Scheme’s (C.E.)

The video explain C.E’s, introduces you to participants, supervisors and the roles available. It will also show you how to search for C.E. using –

C.E. are jobs/ training for job seekers with gaps in C.V.’s or with no previous employment.

To apply for C.E. just speak to a member of the WWFM



What Will I Learn?

  • Understand Community Employment Scheme or C.E. for short.
  • Learn what they are about
  • Learn who can apply
  • Find out how to search for C.E.
  • Gives real feedback from participants

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Community Employment Scheme (CE)?

This is a video by the Department of Social Protection. It explains the Community Employment Scheme Shows how it works for participants Explains how to search for C.E. Gives you feedback from participants


  • Internet, Phone, Laptop or Tablet

Target Audience

  • Job seekers

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