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Microsoft Powerpoint

SBHI MS Office Training Course

The aim of the programme is to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and competences in various IT modules. For many, it will be a refresher for skills they already have.

On successful completion of the course individuals will be able to operate a computer and have a level of proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite which they can apply to any job.

The course will be delivered through pre-recorded modules which participants will access through the SBHI online learning platform. The course will be approximately 12-15 hours divided among the relevant modules.


Unit 3: Powerpoint

  1. Introduction to Powerpoint
  2. All about slides
  3. Animations and transitions
  4. Using the slide master
  5. Using SmartArt
  6. Recording a presentation
  7. Setting your slideshow options
  8. Editing text and bullets
  9. Inserting pictures as images and backgrounds
  10. Inserting audio and video files
  11. Printing and the backstage view
  12. Inserting charts
  13. Inserting pictures, icons and shapes